Toastmasters Greece honoured me with their invitation at the 2nd Area Conference & Contest, earlier this year, signifying a turning point in my Rhetoric journey.  Speaking in front of such an experienced audience and having the chance of incorporating their valuable feedback, marked the completion of a milestone in my public speaking undertakings, one I will be very proud of in the years to come.

It was a great pleasure being welcomed at your community and being given a spot in your continuous journey towards personal development. May your constant commitment towards self-improvement and self-realisation, serve as a reminder in my life, that, we, ourselves, build the ladder to success, climbing up each step gradually but methodically, longing to be at each stage a slightly more improved version of ourselves. May your positive attitude in life embellish each trip in my home country, endorsing my belief that times of ‘crisis’ are times of  ‘judgement’, times of recalculation, rebooting and reconsideration of our individual and social direction. May your faith in the importance of shared knowledge towards intellectual growth, serve as a reminder to myself, to talk wisely but listen even more so. May your community set the example of how micro-changes, grass-rooted in the Greek society, will, in the not-so-long-future rebuild the country I am proud of coming from.

I frankly think you represent the very best of Greece. Thank you for letting me be part of it!