*VOTING PLEDGE FOLLOWS* (promise it’s not into politics!)

I have been nominated for the Greek International Women Awards as a (hopefully) rising female star abroad ?To vote for me, simply click HERE.

That should lead you to my nomination directly. Alternatively: 
– Register at https://greekinternationalwomen.awardsplatform.com/
– Select my category (Young Star Award) or type ‘gavala’ in the search box
– (Optionally) Read some stuff on me, you probably already know from my website, here, & real life
– Vote & (if you exceptionally have faith in me) spread the word about it 159

Why bother? (aka my opinion on this whole thing) 

– Public voting is absurd, as popularity is probably a poor indicator of self-worth (along with access, selection & other biases). However, it is an excellent opportunity to raise public awareness on the efforts of some of the nominated ladies, who truly help Greece shine abroad (often silently).

– “Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality” #EAPquote Actions speak louder than any extravagant application wording. Hence, if I have the support of someone, I prefer it stemming from people who know me & my actions holistically, beyond this occasion.

– Some dull statistics: Greece ranks VERY LAST in Europe in Gender Equality. It also holds ‘honorary positions’ when it comes to the Gender Pay Gap (45.2%), women in decision-making positions which are being outnumbered by men (9:1), while also suffering higher unemployment, etc, etc…I won’t say more, as the whole depression outlook can be found here: ec.europa.eu/newsroom/document.cfm?doc_id=43416. That is to say, life is not as ‘sunny’ as it seems for Greek women, which I want to believe is the reason that GIWA and it’s associated awards were founded. Thus, making me openly ask for your support for them.

– Meritocracy in Greece is seen as too idealistic of a concept to be actively pursued. I mean in theory, we all support it but in practice, stories of ‘connections facilitating processes’ are countless. I accepted to be part of GIWA in good faith that it will help eradicate, rather than amplify the gap of opportunities offered to the privileged few versus those not lucky enough to be ‘well connected’.

– Finally, I strongly believe that the judging panel to be complemented by a balanced voting cohort, representative of the wider Greek & foreign population (with respect to demographics such as gender, age, education, etc). Hence, I am asking for the support of all of you to ensure this!

I am very honoured to be personally nominated but irrespectively, I will be clapping for the young lady winner from anywhere I am in the world in December. Sending you my gratitude & good vibes from China & (soon) Australia 159