Today our 1st ever international marketing campaign went to press at the Greek Diaspora Magazine/Online newspaper Εθνικός Κήρυξ / The National Herald.

A huge milestone for Marepi Elderly Care Unit (http://marepi.gr/), our family business, which has never before opened up its wings abroad. A campaign we designed within less than a week, with a simple, short, thought-provoking message. An attempt to raise awareness and smash centuries-old taboos around elderly care. An occasion to tap into an international audience, while reminding ourselves and our domestic client base, who we really are and what we stand for. A philosophy that has remained robust across the decades but it’s execution has evolved and adapted to our times, cause whatever fails to evolve, is ephemeral and is doomed to fade away.

I am so excited & proud, both as a family member and consumer behaviour enthusiast. Because that’s a campaign that both essentially and aesthetically tells the story of Marepi, purely aiming at brand awareness. Because it’s a step we were courageous to take now for the first time, in spite of our phones ringing unstoppably for prospective client information and, being spoilt to operate on an admissions waiting list, throughout the years. Because that’s not even comparable to anything the domestic competition has ever done. I am so proud because we have followed what my ingenious grandfather’s marketing view was: “You should never look back at what your competitors do. Just focus on always being ahead of them.”

Although I am only peripherally involved from abroad, Marepi is for me a symbol of our family values. And as I grow older, I am proud to witness its conversion into a symbol of how elderly care SHOULD be seen and delivered, in Greece, something necessitating a whole change of mentality, that goes beyond renovations and modernisations. While also a symbol of the marketing spectrum, SMBs can take advantage of to convey, rather than simply create and supply, the superior quality of their offering.

Giagia Anna Tseva (granny), I am sure you think we talk nonsense over here, as, for you, nothing will ever substitute for a perfectly functional, neatly organised clinical environment, where all resources should be exclusively directed for the medical and nursing care of our patients. But it’s also you, who taught us to love beautiful things, so here it goes, your life’s worth of effort spreading across the globe. Go on being the wonderful human being and female professional idol you are, and if ‘marketing campaigns blah blah’ is too much for you to digest, we’ll take care of it! 159 #weloveyoutothemoonandback 159

Mummy Epi Sachitzi you are a star and it was worth all the time and effort to edit and curate your interview. We now have 3 pages full of strong content on Marepi, thanks to you, your ideas, insights, efforts and initiatives. May life endow me with even a bit of your business acumen for my own ventures (& adventures)! #mumrockstar 159

Lastly, massive thanks to Marepi’s Team for standing strong, caring and awesome and offering us with plenty of material and evidence to brag about! 159 Material that was then taken by Orfik Design, our creative agency, and translated into yet-another beautiful campaign, perfectly complementing our logo and cool marketing material. #muybienOrfik 159

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