“Doors closed. The ayes have it.” I was there, INSIDE the House of Representatives of Australia, on 7 Dec ‘17, at 17:45 when the Bill passed 😱 After endless hours of debate, some *bs*, some screams, some marriage proposals, tears, hugs, clappping, singing ‘you are not alone, we are gonna make this place your home…’ And love, lots of love spreading in the chambers and corridors of the Parliament in Canberra ❤️This continent keeps ASTONISHING me, everywhere I step on, every territory & state I visit, everyone I meet, everything this country stands for, in my eyes & heart 💙 No, it’s not just travelling, it’s way beyond that. #ThisisAustralia and here #loveislove 🇦🇺🏳️‍🌈