It’s within the routes less taken that the most magnificent universes are hidden…waiting to be discovered by those who dare to enter.


Below the surface, Leak Str. Tunnel, Waterloo, 17 March ’16

Everyone is so focused on the London Eye that few can imagine what might be concealed behind it. Not advertised and mostly used by locals, it connects the Waterloo Rd with Lower Marsh Str. Humid, dark, with some fluorescent lights along the way, charged with the vibes of those who left the mark of their thoughts underneath the train lines.

There is one captivating thing about it; it’s always there, but it’s never the same. Everytime I pass, I feel the difference in the air but I can never clearly identify it on the walls. I enter and I simply enjoy my free ride in this hyperlapse of moments, colours and snapshots of life, real and imaginary.

And just like everything in our neighborhood, it always moves. The London Eye revolves around its own circular path, the trains come and go a million times a day, people walk and pass by… The Leak Str Tunnel is always underneath our feet, perpetuating its own evolving beauty; a beauty reserved only for those who spot its entrance and step in!