A very productive and exciting period of my life came to an end, with the new upcoming phase, already on my doorstep. Lots of rich content in my mind from the summer days (that happened so fast!), ideas and thoughts that deserve recording and sharing. Somewhere amongst this information overflow, my absence from my online repository/gateway of ideas gradually became resounding. Nonetheless, it was only a temporary pause.

On my very 1st post from Catalan soil, and to celebrate my ‘comeback’, I wanted to make the coolest announcement (I have probably ever made online!) For the following days, I will be hosting on this page, a very special Trip Diary, edited and curated by a very special person. My mum was crazy enough to think it’s super normal to have a roadtrip from Athens to Barcelona, on a toy car (aka. Smart). She deserves applauding just for thinking of it, so I am remotely saluting her while she is on board the Ferry from Patra to Ancona. While waiting for her to triumphantly enter el territorio catalán, I will hand her in control of my blog.

This is an idea born, thanks to a bunch of Googlers who reminded me of the ‘wow factor’ of this whole thing, this early morning I shared it with them. Thanks guys for flooding me with questions, for seriously checking how many times she has to put gas along the way and of course for publicly announcing that ‘if your mum makes a blog on the roadtrip, I ‘ll follow her.’ After a mixture of feelings of love, experimentation and mum-your-are-crazy thoughts, I decided to make it happen (well, the blog part at least) !

Mum, your blogging career has just started! All lights on you, the Smart and Marianthi (my aunt-who probably thinks you are gonna chillax in St. Tropez-if only) :p

People, If you also wonder ‘Who does this?’ (just like me), follow Epi’s recounts of ‘surfing Europe!’ Only god knows what’s the plan, so stay tuned for a flavour of Italy, French Riviera and the Spanish coastline. 

Nos vemos en Barcelona ☀️