Emma is an economist, ex-noogler and traveller in the physical and storytelling globe. She has recently completed a 2-year Master’s in Global Management, at the London School of Economics & ESADE Business School and is bound to throw her CEMS hat at the University of Sydney, in due course. Greek in origin, cosmopolitan at heart. Holding islander roots from beautiful Crete & Kastellorizo and feeling ‘local’ in Athens, London, Barcelona and Buenos Aires.

She has professional experience in London, Switzerland and Argentina, while she has represented Greece and the United Kingdom in various international business conferences in Latin America, Europe and Asia. She retains vivid memories from all the corners of the planet she was blessed to step on (currently Australia), all cultivating, in their unique way, her cross-cultural understanding, leadership skills and imaginative potential. She has been honoured to share these experiences with worldwide audiences, thanks to speaker invitations in TEDx and Toastmasters International, while recently being shortlisted for the Greek International Women Awards, in the Young Star category.

Her academic and professional journey started in Economic Development & Public Policy, but soon after it took a more creative and entrepreneurial direction, making her land in the field of Marketing. Her latest destination has been Google UK, where she had the chance to enter the Digital Marketing & Communications universe for the first (and probably not the last) time.

She is professionally intrigued by consumer behaviour, programmatic marketing, innovation and sustainable growth & development. You will find her nerding about consumer behaviour in tourism management these days, as she has just completed her brainchild, a segmentation and targeting academic study of the Glamping niche. Besides that, she adores creative writing, rhetoric speaking, the Arts, photography, Satyananda yoga, jazz, classical music and anything wabi-sabi.



‘There is only way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.’ 

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